Preparing for the Installation of Your Seamless Flooring

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February 28, 2019
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If you need some new flooring in your home or business, the good news is that there are so many more options these days. Everything from hardwood floors to traditional carpets are available. Seamless flooring provides great benefits on terms of health and safety that make it ideal for hospital environments or other workplaces. A seamless floor that has a coating of epoxy, for example, provides excellent infection control and a surface that is free of cracks and obstructions, making it safer.

What Should You Do Before the Installers Arrive?

Wherever you are having your new floor installed, it’s always a good idea to prepare before the installers arrive. If you prepare well, the installation will go smoothly and it will be done much quicker. Whether you’re installing a seamless floor or another type of flooring, here are some tips for preparing:

  • Clear the area: Well before the professional installers arrive, it’s essential to clear the area. Move any furniture and make sure that the entire area is clear of obstructions. You don’t want to slow down the process, and you don’t want any of your stuff damaged.
  • Get rid of other flooring: If you’re having a completely new floor laid, you also need to get rid of any old flooring. Sometimes, the installer will offer this service, but you may also need to do it yourself. If you have any old carpet or linoleum, for example, make sure that you get rid of it first, but always make sure to ask the installers what they would like done first.
  • Paint the walls afterwards: Many people also decide to paint the walls and other areas when they are having a new floor laid down. It’s always a good idea to do the painting after the floor has been laid. The last thing you want is to have scuffs and damage to your new paint work because the installers were busy doing their job.
  • Protect your other stuff: Even if you’ve cleared the way for the installers by moving out the furniture, you might also want to place protective sheeting over other areas of your home. The flooring work can be messy and disruptive, especially if it’s a large or complex job. You don’t want other areas to get dirty as well.
  • It takes time: Finally, you’ll need to make sure you allocate some time for the new floor to be installed. It can take some time and it is disruptive, so if you have pets they’ll need to be looked after by someone else. You might also consider taking the kids to homes of other family members while the new floor is being installed.

New Flooring Can Transform Your Home or Business

Modern flooring options can transform an old and run down space into something new and modern. Seamless flooring, especially, offers some excellent benefits for many types of businesses. But, it’s also wise to be prepared for the installers before they arrive. Clear the space, put away furniture, cover any valuables in protective sheeting, and make sure you have kids and pets looked after until the job is done.

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