Is Your Industrial Painting Contractor NACE Certified?

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September 18, 2019
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September 18, 2019
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October 17, 2019

When it comes to painting industrial facilities, it’s critical that they are durable and able to withstand harsh environments and treatment. This means that it’s also important to have industrial painting contractors who are NACE certified. 

What Is NACE Certification?

NACE is an acronym for: National Association of Corrosion Engineers. It is a longstanding organization body that has been designed to educate industrial painters on matters about corrosion protection. 

Why Is it Important?

The fact is that if you need your industrial facilities painted, they will need to withstand some harsh treatment. Industrial facilities, unlike home interiors and commercial environments, are typically difficult environments where chemicals and other corrosive products are housed and used.

If you’ve hired industrial painters they should be NACE certified. They should understand the effects of corrosion on metal and other surfaces. They should also understand how their painting work can affect the durability and safety of an industrial work environment.

What Can Happen?

The problem is that many businesses want to save money, especially when it comes to industrial painting. One might think that paint is just paint and that anyone can do the job, but industrial painting requires a level of experience and knowledge that the average painter just doesn’t understand.

If someone hires a team of painters who are not NACE certified and don’t understand the effects of corrosion, here’s what can happen:

  • The paint layers may fail and allow the surfaces underneath to become corroded
  • Corroded structures are potentially weaker and over time this may pose a safety risk for workers onsite
  • Chemicals that enter the paint layers will also form a safety hazard as they are difficult to remove
  • An inadequate paint job by inexperienced people who don’t have NACE certification will not be durable and will also look shoddy
  • Equipment onsite will be prone to corrosion and breakdown, thus leading to replacement costs
  • An inferior industrial paint job will likely cost more as it will be necessary to have it repainted

Safety Is a Priority

Apart from the fact that a poor paint job will look bad and will not resist chemicals and corrosion, it may cause significant safety issues. It’s important that all workplaces are made safe, but industrial environments are especially vulnerable in this regard.

Imagine a scenario where an industrial workplace has not been painted correctly and the owners have not hired NACDE certified and educated contractors. Over time, the metal structures and other materials are vulnerable to corrosion and weakening because the paint is not sufficient to resist corrosion, high heat, and other harsh conditions.

The above situation could potentially lead to huge legal action, injured employees, or a death onsite. It’s simply not worth the risk for the business owner to save some money by hiring contractors who are not trained and educated to the appropriate level.

Additionally, by hiring NACE certified industrial painters, one will remain compliant with both state and federal laws that govern industrial workplaces around the country.

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