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    Trainee - Learn to be a professional painter, no experience necessary. $10.00 - $12.00Prepper - Tape, mask, scrape, caulk. Moving ladders safely. $12.00 - 14.00Painter - Responsible for proper prep and application; friendly, safe, and efficient work. $14.00 - $16.00 (or more depending on experience)

    No Experience At All




    Yes, truckYes, carYes, SUVNoOther

    There are no legal concerns that will restrict me from doing this jobThere are legal concernsOther

    Not allowed: visible piercings, loose jewelry, gaged ears, or tattoos above the neckline.
    Yes, I have a professional appearanceNoOther

    Yes, I am a considerate smoker.No, I do not smoke.

    Yes, I am always on time - which means 15 minutes early - for my job.I am usually barely on time by the exact minute.No, I am often late.

    Yes, I can work outside with NO problems whatsoever.No, this sounds too tough.

    Yes, I can safely move and position a 24' ladder.No, I am not comfortable with ladders.

    Yes,I have physical limitations that could keep me from performing common painters' duties.No physical limitations

    First Aid or CPRLadder SafetyOSHA10 Hr.OSHA Fall ProtectionEPA RRP (Lead Paint)Paint Sprayer SafetyOther

    Played no sportsBasketball - Jr. High or High SchoolFootball or Baseball - Jr. High or High SchoolSoccer, Volleyball, HockeyTennis, Golf, SwimmingOther

    Painter A can paint 2 doors in one hour. Painter B can paint 4 doors in one hour. Both do the work safely and with excellent quality.
    Painter A - fewer doors will be hiredPainter B - more doors will be hiredOther