Difference Between Polyurea and Epoxy Floor Coating

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Benefits of a Seamless Flooring System
February 19, 2019
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Preparing for the Installation of Your Seamless Flooring
March 18, 2019

One of the most difficult questions to face when determining how you’re going to lay out your industrial space is what to do about your floors. When it comes to laying out any interior space, flooring is always a huge consideration, not least because it takes up such a sizeable portion of your property. That being said, interior flooring is all the more important in an industrial space, given the typically-vast surface area it needs to cover, the degree to which it is expected to be durable, and the importance of providing a safe work surface on which to work. Add to that the importance of keeping everything low hassle so that you can focus on said work, and it isn’t hard to see how something as seemingly-simple as choosing a flooring option can quickly become so complicated.

Epoxy had long been the flooring option of choice for people looking to make sure that their business has a floor that’s long lasting and incredibly durable. However, in recent years, that position of dominance has been challenged. Increasingly, polyurea is being viewed as the industrial flooring material of the future.

Here, then, is a quick look at how polyurea compares favorably to the old standard of the industry and why you might want to turn to it for your next industrial flooring job.

High Durability

One of the biggest reasons that epoxy was used for so long and remains popular to this day is the fact that it’s a reasonable, durable flooring option. If you are working in an industrial setting, one in which your floor is going to have to put up with a great deal of work and movement atop its surface, you’re going to want to make sure that surface doesn’t chip or scratch easily. Epoxy was, as stated, traditionally the go-to solution here, but in recent years, more and more people have found themselves gravitating towards polyurea. It boasts an even higher degree of durability with less of a need for maintenance.

High UV Resistance

What’s more, polyurea is also one of the best substances to choose if you’re looking for a material that can stand up to UV radiation over the long haul. You don’t want your flooring to chip, crack, or fade in the sun. If your floors will be exposed to sunlight regularly, polyurea can be the answer.

Quick Drying Ease of Use

What’s more, you probably aren’t going to want to wait around for your flooring to dry and be ready to go. Once again, polyurea can be the solution here. It dries faster and easier than other flooring options, which allows you to get back to work that much more quickly. What’s more, polyurea can also be easier to apply to a given surface than epoxy, which adds one more reason that it’s an increasingly more popular solution than its old counterpart.

You always want to make sure that your property is well-maintained. That begins by making sure that you have things in order from the ground up, which in turn means turning to a flooring option like polyurea.

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