How to Apply an Epoxy Flooring System in Your Factory

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There are many benefits to applying an epoxy flooring system to your factory. This is going to make things much more durable while also allowing you to keep your business environment presentable. It is an ideal solution for any place of business that needs a floor that can withstand punishment while still looking sleek. You’ll be able to keep your factory as safe as possible when you apply this epoxy flooring.

Aside from the general durability, you will also be able to enjoy that the floor will have a non-flammable nature. Dropping heavy tools or materials won’t damage the floor and you’ll be able to remain focused on your job. If you have been considering doing this for a while now, then you may need some information on how you go about applying the epoxy to the flooring. It actually isn’t overly difficult so this is something that you should be able to accomplish without it being too onerous.

Clean the Concrete Surface

The first thing that you need to do is to clean the surface of your concrete flooring. If your floors are dirty, then you may have your work cut out for you. Take out your broom and get to work. You may need to use a scraper to get rid of some things that are stuck to the floor. Scrub away any grease or oil stains that are present so that the epoxy won’t have any trouble being applied to the floor.

Get the Entire Floor Wet

The next step is going to involve wetting down the entire floor. You can use a large hose for this to make things quicker. After it is all wet, you will be using a power scrubber to clean the floor thoroughly. This may seem as if it would be a pain but it is a necessary step when you want things to turn out right. Use a shop vacuum to remove the excess water once you are finished.

Scrub an Acid-Etching Mixture Into the Floor

Next, you need to mix up an acid-etching mixture and apply it to the floor. It is generally going to be easiest to work in sections when doing this. Pick out a patch of the floor to apply the mixture to and then use a long brush to scrub it. Be sure to wear safety goggles and a mask while doing this job.

Also, the floor must be rinsed several times to ensure that the acid residue is washed away. The etching process is important so pay close attention while doing this step. It may feel a bit tedious but it is important. You will need to let the floor dry overnight before being able to continue so this isn’t a job that will get done in one day.

Mix up the Epoxy Coating

Pick out the epoxy coating that you are going to use and mix it up. The epoxy that you purchased will generally come with instructions explaining how they recommend that you mix it. You will usually be making use of your power drill and a large bucket to mix it all up. Be sure that it is mixed up thoroughly before continuing.

Roll the Epoxy Coating on

Now it is time to simply roll the epoxy coating that you have mixed up onto your floor. If your factory is quite large, then this could take some time to accomplish. Using normal painting rollers, you should be able to work diligently toward getting the job done. It may take two coats to get your desired results but it should turn out fantastically as long as you followed the proper cleaning steps to get ready.

You may also want to do some finishing work. For instance, painting several inches of the wall with the epoxy mix can be good to protect it from having any problems. Most people decide to go about four inches up the wall. Once this is taken care of, you will be able to enjoy your new durable flooring system. Maintain it properly and everything will remain safe in your factory for a long time to come.

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