Best Way to Repaint a Metal Commercial Building

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Metal building panels and corrugated metal roofing are often available in a wide variety of colors to suit the look of your commercial property. However, the original paint job may eventually need repainting.

When the paint needs refreshing or you simply want to give your commercial building a new look, metal surfaces are not always easy to repaint. Use the following tips to ensure that the new paint job looks great.

Remove Rust and Flaking Paint

Rust, corrosion, and flaking paint need to be removed before you apply a new coat of paint to a metal surface. Paint that is flaking, chipping, or cracked can often be scraped away using a scraper. Unfortunately, rust is not always as easy to remove.

To get rid of the rust, there are several options. You can use a wire brush or sandpaper to deal with small patches of rust. When using sandpaper, start with a coarse paper. After using a wire brush or sandpaper to get rid of the rust, smooth the surface with a 120-grit sandpaper.

For larger patches of rust, brushing or sanding may be too time-consuming. Other methods of rust removal include the use of chemicals or organic rust converters. However, sandblasting is typically recommended as it does not rely on toxic chemicals or a rust converter that may leave streaks.

When removing the rust, you may detect holes or cracks in the metal from corrosion. These areas may be repaired with an auto body filler.

Wash Away Dirt and Chalky Residue

After dealing with the rust and paint flakes, you should thoroughly wash the entire surface. A pressure washer provides the most convenient way to clean a large metal surface. If you choose to wash the surface by hand, you should use soapy water and a brush.

Whether you wash by hand or use a pressure washer, you should ensure that the metal surface is thoroughly rinsed. Spray or wipe down the surface to get rid of any residue and allow the building to completely dry before painting.

Shield the Doors and Windows

Besides preparing the metal surfaces, you should prepare the surfaces that you do not plan to paint. You may need to protect doors, windows, and roof structures. Plastic sheets can be taped to these surfaces to shield them from the paint.

Apply Primer to the Metal Building

The final preparation step before painting is to apply primer. The primer provides a better surface for the new paint job to adhere to and is always recommended if the metal surface has chalking. You may use a rust-inhibitive primer to help prevent future rusting.

Begin Painting with a Paint Sprayer

While you could use a paint roller to paint the exterior of your metal building, a paint sprayer is often easier for large projects. The sprayer helps you apply an even coat and saves time.

The paint job on a metal surface may eventually peel, flake, or crack. You may also notice rust or faded colors. When you detect these issues, a new paint job may provide the perfect solution for restoring the condition of your commercial building. Remember the tips discussed to successfully repaint your metal building or consider hiring a qualified commercial painting contractor.

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