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November 27, 2017
December 15, 2017

Water infiltration causes serious problems to a structure or building, and it can potentially cost a lot of money if you don’t detect it on time. Protecting your business from environmental conditions and water damage is very important to keep your place’s appearance and value. Recognizing water issues in your business is easier when you have the right guide and information. The following steps will help you recognize water problems, keep your building dry and investment safe, and get the right assistance on your problem. Before you decide to hire a waterproofing contractor in Jacksonville or Gainesville, FL, these are the things you should know:


  1. How to Recognize Signs of Water Damage in Your Building or Structure

Check for signs of water damage on the walls, under the sink, mold and mildew growth. Obvious signs of water damage are puddles on your home’s floors after a hard rain, damp patches on the walls, peeling paint, and rust on appliances. A careful and deliberate inspection of all your office and building areas on a routine basis can catch problems before they get out of control. Most of the times, a strange odor is usually the result of mold, and it may be a signal of a problem. Water damage creates a very particular odor and this can also be accompanied by the musky smell of mold. This requires the removal of paneling or carpeting to determine where the mold or moisture is located. In addition, discoloration is another sign of water damage that you need to look out and take into account.


  1. The Costs of Dampness
    1. Excess of moisture causes damp and mold in your home. Damp can actually destroy the structural components of your building and decrease its value from 15% to 25%. Your business’s structure is always susceptible to the effects of dampness. Damp can cause timbers, electrical issues, and flooring to rot. This could eventually result in a house unsafe to occupy. Dampness issues should not be neglected because it spreads and slowly deteriorates every structure of your building, becoming very expensive to fix it. Detecting on time problems of dampness in your house will decrease the costs.


      1. Understanding the Dangers of Mold in Your Building.

      Mold is not a plant or an animal, but a fungus. Fungi are everywhere and are part of our lives, but the problem is that exposure to mold become a health hazard for you and your employees If you do not pay attention to it. Mold can cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing, eye irritation etc.  Mold needs very little to extend in your structure and often develops in areas that are difficult to see, such as beneath carpeting, or behind walls. Therefore, mold can become a major problem before being detected.


      1. How to Choose a Waterproofing Contractor.

      Waterproofing your business requires significant skills, so it’s important to hire a licensed and certified contractor. Check online reviews and testimonials of the waterproofing companies before choosing one. Reliable waterproofing contractors has good reputation in the community, and only require a third to a half deposit. Review contracts carefully before signing. All contracts should include detailed information about the contractor’s location, estimate, and competition dates.


      Hiring a waterproofing contractor in Jacksonville or Gainesville, FL is a critical decision because you’re putting an important asset in their hands. An excellent waterproofing company will understand that maintaining your structure’s value and integrity is a priority. Water damage is expensive and can also negatively affect your employees’ health.

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