Residential Painting

EPI Painting is a professional residential painting company in Gainesville, FL, and Jacksonville, FL. Our company offers a wide range of painting and restoration services, and we approach every project with quality and craftsmanship. Increase your home’s value and improve its appearance with our high-quality residential painting services. If you need a residential painting contractor in Gainesville FL, or Jacksonville, FL, we specialize in house interior and exterior painting. We work hard to build a stronger relationship with our customers and work closely with them throughout the projects to help guarantee their satisfaction with us. You can expect from us great quality, on-time project completion, and total satisfaction.


Our Residential Painting Services include:

  • Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is not only important to beautify your home, but to protect it. Surface preparation is the undisputed most important step for a beautiful and long lasting exterior project. As such proper preparation should include:

– Loose paint/stain and defective caulking removed
– Scraping & Sanding of all peeling areas
– All surfaces must be washed free of mildew & dirt to achieve maximum adhesion
of coating material
– Gaps between adjoining wood or wood and masonry should be sealed with
elastomeric sealant
– Rusty surfaces must be properly prepared prior to the application of primers, paints and stains

  • Interior Painting

Interior painting is one inexpensive way to increase the value of your home. In addition, color changes can enhance interior lighting, mood and perceived spacing. Similar to exterior projects, planning and surface preparation are the most important steps for achieving a beautiful and durable interior painting project.

We promise:

– All areas not to be painted are covered, taped, or relocated
– Glossy surfaces are sanded
– Separations are siliconized or caulked and wall imperfections are properly    spackled and sanded to a smooth finish.
– All furniture and accessories are placed back in their original positions

  • Pressure Washing and Maintenance

By removing mold and mildew growth the quality and life of exterior clapboards and trim can be extended. Thus, in order to extend the life of your home, we offer:

– Exterior washing services via chemical wash
– Exterior washing services via power wash
– Cost effective, precautionary solutions for proper maintenance of exterior surfaces
– Driveway and sidewalk cleaning

  • Deck Restoration

Decks are a valuable addition to every home. They provide both convenience and beautiful cosmetic affects. However, decks do need to be properly maintained in order to withstand weather and usage related “wear and tear.”  Even pressure treated wood requires immediate coating and protection against the rain, sun, insects and fungus.

– Our deck restoration process includes a combination of application materials that achieve superior results ranging from simple maintenance to total cosmetic enhancement.
– We provide a full array of deck restoration solutions.

  • Garage Floors
  • Eco-Friendly Painting
  • Pressure washing and more!

For us, it’s essential to clean before and after a paint project. We’ll make your house look good and clean after painting!


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